Thanks Khris for introducing Hexagon X string. I’ve been consistently using this string as I let my two racquets restring for the second time.

Among other strings that I used, this is the only string that I am comfortable with in which it’s still durable as it lasts. I did not realized it snapped until I hit the ball the third time. Usually, I would know when the string snapped due to it sudden change of the sound during impact or loose of the string. I have used it for six months before it snapped and played at least three times a week.

With the right string tension applied, Hexagon X string provides great control while generating power at the same time. I applied 55pounds string tension for my racquet. The six sides and edges of the string, significant enough to have a great feel of my racquet when generating spin.

Overall, Hexagon X string helps me to be more effective and efficient on my strokes and hit the ball with great confidence and improve my level of play. More power YTEX!!! Thanks again Khris T Khris😁

Alberto Mamac

Ytex Octo Twist 16

Color: Green
Gauge: 16
Tension: 48lb

On my Babolat Pure Aero racquet, this string performs way better than previous brands that I’ve used. Top spin is so good that I can feel the strings snapping the ball back with power and precision. Control is awesome! it felt like you’re grabbing the ball and then throwing it back to the opposite side of the court with authority.
Durability: Been using this for at least 2 months now (playing at least 3 times a week), string still performs as expected.

Highly recommended.👍💪

Jem Sayc

My new Hybrid Strings Set Up

Main: Poly strings Protour Black 17g
Cross: Syn Gut strings Sintex 16g
Racquet: Babolat Pure Aero 285g

The combination of these strings enhance my tennis performance and coaching. There is something about YTEX strings that set me deep impression. That is the feel and control. Amazingly, it feels SOFT upon contact point, yet it can produce good spins and performance to my shots. The impact is forgiving and it does not aggravate my elbow pain. Thumbs up to Khris T Khris recommendation!

Cheryl Oh

I really like the square x string with my pure aero+ babolat extended..spin, control and power checked..especially every time i execute my one handed backhand and deep ball forehand shot..fantastic ytex product.

Robert John Bacaling

YTex Square X has been my string of choice for the past two years now. Aside from being more affordable to similar strings, it is one of the most durable strings in the market – lasting me around two to three weeks of daily usage. As a collegiate tennis player, it provides the power that is best suited to my style of play. It helps me pack a big serve, a heavy forehand and accurate volleys. The squared profile of the string gives me enough spin and control to get the ball where I want it to go. It is most comparable to the feel of the Babolat RPM Blast and the Technifibre Black Code.

Joel Maniego Atienza

 It’s definitely different. I’m using it on my Babolat Pure Strike raquet. The obvious difference is the pop it generates w/o compromising control.

Allan Noel

For tennis lover just like me, i will recomend to use OCTO-TWIST string.It gives quality spin and power for me.Recently i won 2 consecutive championship and i very thankful 4 that…

Bacareza Jeffrey

Square x string is the best string I’ve ever played. It gives good feel of spin, power and control. It has exceptional comfort and durability.

Jaime M. Baring